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This platform helps support businesses and solo entrepreneurs with their administrative, marketing, operation and sales support needs. Contact me today to see how my services can benefit your unique needs.


Answering phone calls
Re-purposing content
Taking minute meetings
Monitoring content
Managing blog comments
Social media comments
Order fulfilment


Email organisation

Calendar organisation
Data Entry
Organising interviews
Form preparation
Organising Files
Brainstorming ideas and
Organisation of concepts
WordPress website


Following up leads/clients
Calendar management
Client related tasks
Making travel arrangements
Creating/Updating SOPs
Helping launch new items
Project Management
Hiring new team members
Business strategy

Administrative / Management Support

Email organisation, automation and monitoring. Managing blog and social media comments. Calendar organisation and management. Data Entry. Appointment setting. Order fulfilment. Writing job lists/systems. Organising interviews. Answering phone calls. Re-purposing content. Taking minute meetings. Client related tasks. Flowing up leads/clients. Making travel arrangements. Form preparation. Monitoring content. Creating/Updating SOPs. Helping launch new items. Project Management. Organising Files. Hiring new team members. Brainstorming ideas and organisation of concepts. Business strategy.

Customer Service

Tasks completed through email chat or phone with relation to clients or customers.


Managing invoicing and payments. Processing order and refunds. Handling payroll. Drafting quotes. Invoicing and billing. Account reconciliation.

Lifestyle and Home Management

Ticking off those to-do list items making your home time more valuable. These tasks may vary.

Production and Design

Minor editing / organising graphics. Creating slides /documents. Organising the design and production of business materials. Sourcing Photos. Formatting. Editing. Setting up documents.


Researching opportunities, programs and resources, travel, events, products, markets, software’s, competition, education, licensing and much more.


These tasks may vary and be more specific to organisations. Please contact me directly at the bottom of these pages and we can discuss further.

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